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Our Furry Friends that help us follow the classroom rules.

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Wk  English Maths PE BBC Bitesize
20/4/20 English Wk 1

Maths Wk 1

How Many Triangles? Maths Investigation

27/4/20 English Wk 2

Maths Wk 2

Your Number's Up

Five Coins

4/5/20 English Wk 3

Maths Wk 3 - Number of the Week

Race to the Finish

Wk 3 PE Activities
11/5/20 English Wk 4 Maths Wk 4 Wk 4 PE Activities
18/5/20 English Wk 5 Maths Wk 5
25/5/20 English Wk 6
1/6/20 English Wk 7

Maths Wk 6 - Number of the Week

Hansel & Gretel

8/6/20 English Wk 8


15/6/20 English Wk 9

Maths - Number of the Week

Addition Bingo

Six in a Line


PE Activities  Lancashire's Virtual Big Sing
22/6/20 English Wk 10

Maths - Number of the Week

29/6/20 English Wk 11


6/6/20 English Wk 12


PE Activities

Starting School

Induction Powerpoint for Reception Families

Induction Booklet for Reception families

Reception Daily Duties

Starting School

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Mrs Flemings Information Form sent to parents 23/6/20

School Uniform details

School Uniform Prices Delta Wool Shop


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