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Curriculum/Timetable Information

Y6 Parent Information Evening Slideshow

Y6 Timetable

Y6 Curriculum Map

Homework tasks - Autumn 1

Homework Tasks Autumn 2

Homework Tasks Spring 1

Homework Tasks Spring 2

Y6 Parent Information Letter Autumn Term

 Y6 Curriculum Letter Spring Term

Y6 Planning overview Spring 1 - Heroes and villains

Year Six Planning overview Spring 2 - Super Sleuths

Year Six Planning overview Summer 1 - Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Year 6 Maths Topics

Click me to download the leavers' presentation - only available until Sept 1st (It is a large file, it will take some  time to download)

If you have any questions, concerns or comments relating to year six, please feel free to email Mr. Chapman at:


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Grammar Quizzes to help revise and test your knowledge.

For useful websites to help with learning spellings, please click here

'Sentence Play'  A useful website for learning how to manipulate sentences

Phrase or clause?  A jeopardy style game to help children understand the difference between a phrase or a clause



Spelling lists will be sent home weekly and children will have a week to learn them ready for a test the following week.

there are three levels of spellings to challenge children of all abilities.  Children will be put into groups soon.  For now, they must learn as many of the spellings as possible. 

Autumn - Week 1 -ant/-ent

Autumn - Week 2 -able/ible

Autumn Week 3 - Unstressed vowels

Autumn Week 4 - NC First 15 (Please note, these will be assessed on Thurs 27th October)

Autumn Week 5 - 2nd NC 15

Autumn week 6 - cial - tial

Autumn Week 7 - cial -tial (part 2)

Autumn Week 8 - Adding suffixes to -fer words

Spring Spellings - last 17 off NC spelling list (Other spellings will be done in the GPS activity books)

Hothersall Lodge

Hothersall Lodge Trip 2017 Parents' Presentation