Children in Year 6 and Children who will be starting in Reception in September 2020

One of the hardest things about the current closure of school is that it means that the last few weeks for Year 6 pupils will be totally different from previous years. It is our intention that Year 6 pupils return to school before other year groups so that they can have some 'closure' on their time at Little Hoole and in some small way celebrate a happy and successful 7 years here. 


We will not be able to host our usual end of year celebrations and children will be forced to work in much smaller 'Bubbles' than their regular class of 30, but we believe that something is better than nothing and we are working really hard to achieve this. With regards to transition days to their new schools, a decision has been taken that pupils will not be able to have a day at their new schools before September. This decision is beyond our control as it was taken by LCC and the Government and all we can do is respect that. Mrs. Doran has been in contact with High School pastoral leads to share information and teacher assessment with them which is in line with what we would do normally albeit virtually rather than physical face to face. 


We will do everything we can to give the children the send off they deserve, even if it means inviting the children and their families back in the Autumn term when it is safe to do so. 


Similarly we want to stress that we would have preferred to have been carrying out our usual procedures for welcoming new children to our school. We would usually be hosting induction days during this month for Reception children, but obviously we are unable to do so. Mrs. Fleming will be in touch with all the nurseries and child care providers to discuss information and assessments about each child and we are very much hoping we will be able to run some appropriate induction in September. At this moment in time we anticipate the induction procedures will be as follows:

  • Thurs and Fri 3rd and 4th Sept - Children in part time throughout the day. Time slots to be allocated
  • Monday 7th - Wed 9th Sept - Children in either morning or afternoon. Times to be allocated
  • Thurs 10th and Fri 11th Sept - Children in for the morning including lunchtime
  • Monday 14th September - Children in full time. 

This is very much provisional and is dependent on how many children the DfE recommend that we have in each class. Based on current recommendations we would be unable to do this.