Key Worker Provision

Key Worker Provision has been running since Monday 23rd March 2020 for children whose parents are Key Workers. We currently have 42 children listed as being eligible for this Provision although not all children come at once. Groups tend to be much smaller between 5-17 children at a time. 


Since June 1st we have split Key Worker Provision into 2 'Bubbles' an Infant Bubble and a Junior Bubble. Children work and play in these 'Bubbles' all day and remain in one of our classrooms unless they are playing outside. We keep the 'Bubbles' separate during the day, despite recognising that there may be siblings in each 'Bubble.' 


Children carry out all sorts of activities each day depending on the member of staff who takes them. They each have their own stationary pack and keep to their own desk in the room which is 2m away from other children's desks. 


Key Worker Provision will ALWAYS be available during term time regardless of which year group is in returning to school. When a Key Worker's child's class are returning to school, that child will join a 'Bubble' with their class and leave the Provision 'Bubble.'