What should my child bring to school?

We want to reduce the amount of things that are coming into school. All children need to have their own water bottle which is clearly labelled and can be taken home each day. Children can fill their bottles up in school and will be encouraged to drink plenty throughout the day. Ideally we would also prefer it if children could have a school meal which consists of a 'Grab Bag' and may be a hot or cold choice. We recognise though that families may not wish to do this, if that is the case please keep lunch boxes as simple as possible. Aim to ensure that your child has food items that they can open themselves and they are able to take them home each day to be washed. 


Other than that we don't require children to bring anything else. Any physical exercise will be done in their clothes they are wearing that day, at the moment we are not sending reading books home and all stationary and equipment will be provided to each child.