What should my child wear?

We would really like all children, whether they are in Yr 6, Yr 1 or Reception or attend our Key Worker Provision to wear school uniform every day if they can however you should consider the following:

The Government recommend that children wear clean clothes every day to school and they should take these off as soon as they get home and get washed. We recognise that most families may only have a small supply of school uniform and they may have grown out of uniform too so we are happy for your child to wear non uniform in these instances. It has been recently pointed out to us though that the children may feel more relaxed and confident in their uniform and may also feel like less has changed if everyone wore their uniform, so we are encouraging everyone to wear uniform if they can, but we do recognise that there will be limitations to this. 


As we are trying to reduce the amount of contact between staff and children, it is really important that children wear clothes that they can manage themselves. If they can't tie their shoelaces, please teach them to do so, or put them in shoes that don't require shoelaces. We also have issues with children wearing trousers or skirts where the button may be a bit fiddly to do up and requires adult assistance. Please try to refrain from dressing your child in these clothes. 


Finally it is our intention to get the children outside for lengthy periods of time every day. Please ensure that they are dress appropriately for this. In the summer please ensure they have a sun hat and are wearing sun tan lotion which will last for the whole day. In Autumn and winter please ensure they come to school with a coat and at all times they should have appropriate footwear for working, playing and enjoying.