Why can't I send my child back to school yet?

The wider opening of school to children is not as simple as opening the doors and letting the children back in. The Government have put a restriction on class sizes being no bigger than 15 children per class. Based on our own Risk Assessment we have restricted this for the time being to 11 children per class so that we can enable social distancing in the classroom and around the school building. 


Children of Key Workers and those that are deemed 'vulnerable' have priority in school meaning that the number of children in school is already quite high and expected to rise. Our plan has always been to enable children in Yr 6 to come back to school first, then Yr 1 and then Reception children, but we may not even get this far if the numbers for the first two classes plus the number of children from Key Worker Provision brings us to capacity. 


Please don't compare what we are doing to that of other schools and nurseries. We only have enough working space for 8 groups of children in our school. We simply aren't big enough to get more children in and we simply don't have enough staff to teach and look after more children.