How do we teach...?

On this page you'll find some procedures and policies for how we teach subjects in our school. You should be able to find out what topics are taught in each subject, the length of time we tend to spend working on each subject and ways that you can help your child further. 


We use the National Curriculum 2014 as our starting point and use other documents such as the Lancashire Curriculum to guide us further. Since February 2016 we have been working closely with another local primary school on a joint planning project which helps us to share ideas, resources and take part in immersion and celebration activities together. (Please note that some of these links are not yet active. We are aiming to complete these by the end of this school year). 

How do we teach Art?

How do we teach Design and Technology?

How do we teach Computing? 

How do we teach English?

  • How do we teach Grammar & Punctuation?
  • How do we teach Handwriting?
  • How do we teach Phonics?
  • How do we teach Reading?
  • How do we teach Spelling?
  • How do we teach Writing?