How do we teach reading?

At Little Hoole we believe that reading is so important we are encouraging everyone to be a super reader. 

  • Every child is able to choose a book to read that is at the right level for where they are at. 
  • We make sure skills such as phonics, comprehension and of course an overall love of reading is developed through our whole class teaching in English and through our Guided Reading sessions which we do throughout the school
  • We will celebrate the children in our Achievement Assemblies when they move onto the next level on their reading journey
  • Children have access to choose books in their classroom or in our school library to develop their love of and interest of reading 

The link below is a handy chart which shows the progression that children make on their reading journey throughout our school. The year groups listed are only a guide. Parents may find that their child is on a reading band either below or above their particular age group so it must be remembered that children make progress at different speeds. Some children may be speeding through the bands at an younger age, other children may speed through the bands as they get older.

Every child's reading journey is different but right for them! 

Reading Progression Chart