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Little Hoole Primary School

Believe, Grow, Achieve

Alayne Anderson

Parent Governor

I decided to take on the role of Parent Governor, as I wished to give something back to the school.  My eldest child joined Little Hoole Primary School in 2013, and since then, I have only seen positive changes and improvements to the way in which the school is run. 


I see my role as a supportive one to the school’s Senior Leadership Team, but I am also there to challenge decisions if necessary, and make sure that any changes are made for the right reasons.  Governors help set the aims and objectives for the school, review policies, monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and hold the school accountable for targets not being met if necessary.


I sit on the Finance Committee, and as a team, our role is to work with Mr Stammers and Mrs Turnball and balance resources and the budget.  This is proving challenging in this period of austerity.


Being a Parent Governor, some of these decisions will directly affect me, or the education of my children.  I need to make sure that any decisions I help make are done so from an objective perspective. 


I have attended a number of courses since becoming a Governor, and it is very interesting to speak with Governors from other Lancashire schools.  I am very proud to represent Little Hoole and believe that it is an excellent school, and feel very lucky that my children attend it.


Outside of Little Hoole, I am employed as a Civil Servant in Lancashire, and have been for 12 years.  I feel that I am able to bring some of the skills that I have in my job, over to the school.  Prior to this, I worked in advertising for a newspaper group.  I live in Leyland, but was brought up in Tarleton, so know the area very well, and due to some recent genealogy work, have discovered that my family farmed a large amount of land in Dob Lane of all places!!  I am married, and have 2 children, who both attend Little Hoole.