Can we race to Tokyo?


It's not long now until the Olympic Games begins on 24th July in Tokyo. Unfortunately we are not in a position to take the whole school to Tokyo to enjoy it but we can at least aim to go the distance to get there!

This spring and summer, in association with our fantastic PTA we are setting the children a challenge unlike any we've tried before. It is 5862 miles from Little Hoole to Tokyo and collectively as a school we want to try and travel that distance. We might run it, walk it, skip it, cycle it, forward roll it, hop it, whatever. If every child in our school can race 30 miles using one or more of these fun ways, Little Hoole will have made it to Tokyo!

Each class will be planning their own inventive ways to 'Race to Tokyo' over the next 2 terms so most of the miles the children will do will be done in school but we shall be holding a special 'Race to Tokyo' Saturday on the 20th June where children can get some extra miles in and enjoy some excellent stalls and fun put on by the PTA. 

Every child will be issued with a 'Race Card' which they need to keep so that they can record how many miles each week they have done and how they have done it and we hope that every child can get sponsored for their fantastic achievement. They might be sponsored by yourselves once they've achieved their first 10 miles. They might be sponsored by a long lost uncle or auntie in Outer Mongolia for the second 10 miles. The next door neighbour might be willing to sponsor them when the achieve all 30 miles! 


Why are we raising money?

First things first, we want to do something enjoyable as a school and encourage all the children to keep being active in fun and exciting ways but it has to be said, the money that the PTA raise on our behalf makes a HUGE difference to our school. This summer we will be developing our field so that it includes 2 new active areas to further encourage the children to get physically fit. We are also developing a calmer space where the children can sit and chat and think about their day amongst aromatic plants and insects etc. 

The money the PTA raise also helps to fund coaches for each class to have a class trip out and it has paid for the coaches to Blackpool for our Christmas trip. The more money we raise this spring and summer in our 'Race to Tokyo' initiative the more things we can create and develop in our school in years to come. 

So come on, encourage your child to race their 30 miles as part of our 5862 miles to Tokyo this year by sharing with them how they are going to achieve it, and maybe by encouraging friends, family and neighbours to sponsor them as they go. 

A bit of Extra Information!

  • All children will be given a ‘Race Card’ to record the miles they have raced.
  • Miles will be completed in school and will be signed off by a member of staff each time one has been completed.
  • Please support your child by asking them about how many miles they have done so far and how they did them.
  • We would love all the children to be sponsored for their miles but we appreciate that this is not always possible. Even a small amount of money to encourage them to complete their race card will be gratefully received by our PTA and will go a long way to help us develop our school field for the children to enjoy.
  • We have set up a ‘Just Giving’ Page which can be accessed world wide in case you would like to send it to relatives all over the world to show their support! It can be accessed by simply clicking on this link!
  • You can also sponsor your child using traditional ways – i.e sending in money in an envelope to the school office. Please mark your envelope ‘Race to Tokyo’ and your child’s name. We recommend you do this at the end of each 10 miles, but feel free to send it in when it is most convenient.
  • The main thing we want is to have a lot of fun, raise awareness for the Tokyo Olympics and to get the children thinking of exciting and inventive ways of exercising.

How are we 'Racing to Tokyo?' 

We will update this section whenever a class has a wacky way of 'Racing to Tokyo'