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Sports Premium


2021 F'ballAt Little Hoole Primary School, we believe that Physical Education and Sport have a vital role to play in the social, moral, spiritual, cultural development of our pupils which enable our children to feel 'Ten Feet Tall.'  P.E is vitally important in giving pupils the knowledge, understanding and the skills to make a positive impact on their own health and well-being.


The Sports Premium is funding given to every maintained school in the country by the Government in addition to the school’s budget. Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. Links have been made with local clubs and activities planned for the children to ensure that they stay fit and healthy, especially for those who wouldn’t normally engage with PE and Sport.


Little Hoole Primary prides itself on enabling children to represent the school by taking part in a variety of sports festivals and competitions largely through the local South Ribble Sports Partnership. We have had much success over the years, taking part in competitions such as Sportshall athletics, tennis, hockey, tag rugby, football including mixed and girls football, high 5s netball, swimming and cross country.


The numbers of children participating in our after school sports clubs and those then going forward to represent the school has been pleasing over the last 5 years. We have received the Sainsbury’s Gold PE Award and have been successful by winning a number of local competitions in a range of sports.


Typically, Little Hoole prides itself on enabling children to take part in sports competitions including Football, Tag Rugby, Sportshall Athletics, High 5s Netball, Hockey, Girls Football and Swimming. We also take part in Inclusion events which enable children who are less likely to take part in sport and children from Key Stage 1 to represent our school by taking part in activities with other children from other schools.


As a result of the pandemic, almost all of these events were cancelled although we did manage to arrange friendly fixtures in football and High 5s for children in Yr 6 before they left for High School.


Sports Premium We Received 2020-21 & How We Spent this Money?

Evidence Report 2021/22

Trim Trail, Exercise Area and Sensory Garden


T TrailIn 2020 the school improved facilities to our school field by adding a trim trail and exercise equipment area. Both areas are on all weather surfaces which enable the children to access them throughout the year. Some Sports Premium money from the 2020-21 budget and the 2021-22 budget has been used to pay for these improvements.


We have also developed a sensory garden area intended to help support people's mental health. This is in addition to our running path which was installed three years ago. These improvements will further enhance our ability to deliver our daily 60 active minutes. 


Further to the schedule above in addition to our quality PE curriculum we provided the following:

  • Bikeability – Year 5 cycling proficiency
  • Tots on Tyres – Rec early cycling proficiency


The Impact of This Money 2020-21

Sport Participation


As a result of the pandemic there was less competitive sports events and festivals running during the academic year 2020/21.

  • All children take part in curriculum PE lessons. At the end of certain units, inter house competitions are held involving all children in that class.
  • We took children to represent the school in the football and High 5s Netball matches against another school.  


Sports Premium We will Receive in  2021-22 & How Will We Spend This Money?

This funding of £17656 in 2020-21 will allow us to develop our PE and sport provision in the following ways:

School Field and Path & Young Leaders Training

The money for the improvements to our school field are already enabling children to achieve a ‘Daily Active 60’ target in which we aim that every child in the school is physically active for at least 60minutes every day, including break times. Children are enjoying having the extra opportunities to exercise and love using the equipment that we have installed. Repairs to our ‘Mile a Day’ path need to be carried out at a cost of £500.


There will be a final cost for the Exercise Area and Trim Trail. The original expectation was that this cost would have been part funded by PTA funds, however due to the pandemic this fundraising didn’t go ahead.


Children in Years 5 and/or 6 will be trained by South Ribble Active to become ‘Young Leaders’ helping to raise the profile of our Daily Active 60 target across the whole school and developed children’s understanding.

Total Cost of Exercise Area and Trim Trail = £24787

Contribution from 2021/ 2022  £7500

Cost of Path Repairs =£500

Cost of Young Leaders Training = £75  


Sports Coaching

Sports coaching in a variety of sports from tag rugby, tennis, hockey and dance will be taking place after school to different ages of children. These are a bought in service from the South Ribble Active team. We aim for these to be offered to children across different year groups throughout the school


Cost of Coaching = £2000

Active Travel

Children in Reception will take part in ‘Tots on Tyres’ Levels 1 and 2 led by the South Ribble Active team. This has been something we have used for the last 5 years and it supports the children as the learn to ride a bike moving from balance to pedal bikes. It supports their Physical Development amongst many other areas of the EYFS curriculum.


Yr 5 will take part once again in Bikeability which introduces them to riding safely on their bikes including on the roads.

Cost of Active Travel= £525


Active Events & Festivals

We are reintroducing sports events and festivals this year following the lifting of many restrictions due to the pandemic. Children will take part in 6 termly Active Schools Events in a range of sports including: Tag Rugby, athletics, High 5s and Athletics.


In addition to this children have also participated in a Paralympic festival which introduced them to a range of different sports on the Paralympic programme.


Cost of Active Events= £450

Cost of Paralympic Festival = £195



Resources & Sports Kit

As a result of the pandemic a decision was made to double up on the sports equipment we had so that resources could be share in keeping with the 72hr rule. Some equipment needed replacing due to wear and tear. We are now equipped to deliver our curriculum in a way so that sharing between class groups is kept to a minimum to reduce risk of spread of infection, but to ensure PE and sport can continue to be delivered in our school.


We have also used Sports Premium Money for school sports kit which has already been worn by our Football and High 5s Netball teams.


Cost of Resources= £3600

Cost of Sports Kit = £400


Staff Training

The PE Subject Leader will attend termly subject leader updates for his own professional development. As part of the school’s Improvement Plan, Infant staff will receive 5 sessions of additional support on the planning and delivery of PE to the infants including the importance of teaching and assessing children fundamental movement skills.

Cost of SL Training= £525

Cost of Infant Staff Training = £875


Expectations for Swimming in 2021-22

It is our intention to take Yr 4 children swimming for at least one term (Aut term). Depending on how well they progress we aim to take Yr 3 children in the Spr Term and then finally we intend to carry out Booster swimming for children in Yrs 3-6 to ensure all children are able to swim by the time they leave our school at the end of Yr 6 or at the very least become more water confident.


If we are able, we will chose a suitable group of children to take part in the annual Swimming Gala. Two have been arranged this year, one for Yrs 5 and 6, the other for children in Yrs 3 & 4.


Cost of Booster Swimming & AG&T Swimming = £900


Although no children went swimming during the academic year 2020-21, previous data held by the school indicates that the following %s of Yr 6 children met the following standards in the following areas:


% of Yr 6 children who are able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres



% of Yr 6 children who are able to use a range of strokes effectively, for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke



% of Yr 6 children who are able to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations




This data comes from when this class went as Yr 4 children.

We were delighted to be awarded the Bronze School Games mark as a result of our work in 2021/22.