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Harry has been shortlisted for the finals of the Wicked Writing Competition and has  been invited to London in June. 


                        A Potion’s Creation

By Harry Year 6

Disgusting drool of thy dragon,
A poor horse’s hoof that dragged a wagon.
Suffocating body of a Constrictor,
Thy creature that is always the victor.
Stir, mix and then mash,
Until it becomes a toxic gas.

Cauldron exceed flaming heat,
This potion is near complete.

A tarantula’s wicked leg,
With a rat’s body hung from a peg.
A tiger’s brave blood,
With an earthworm’s precious mud.
Stir until it’s as white as a fang.

Cauldron exceed flaming heat,
This potion is near complete.

The revolting slime of thy snail,
And a cat’s thin, dark tail.
The pumping heart of thy mole,
Buried in a deep hole.
Boil thy potion,
Then cool it with sea ocean.

Cauldron exceed flaming heat,
This potion is now complete!


We are so proud of Harry's achievement

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September Reception starters taster session02Jul2019

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Tanya Wilcock(a couple of years ago)

Great performances last week at the music night. All the children did really well and well done to Mr Hutton for raising aspirations and showing the children that if you keep at an instrument you can play like him when older. Well done Mr stammers on fab singing club performances. Keeva has really enjoyed the singing club so hope it continues.

Tanya Wilcock(a couple of years ago)

Can you please place the quarterly spelling list for Year 5 on the website class news. i appear to have misplaced the list and thought it would be on the website but no. Thanks Tanya

Christine Martin(a couple of years ago)

Just wanted to say how fabulous the junior children were in the summer production. Every child played a huge part and did an amazing job. Well done!

kerry crooks(a couple of years ago)

A big thankyou to the reception staff for inviting all the parents in to celebrate the children's first year at school. They all looked like they've had a great year and it was lovely to see what they've been up to and how much they have grown. Thanks again

Wendy Gibson-Smith(a couple of years ago)

Thoroughly enjoyed Rockerfella Cinderella performance, the best primary school show I've seen, the children did the school proud

Olivia Whitehurst(a couple of years ago)

What a fantastic show, best one ever ! Congratulations to everyone involved, you should feel very proud of yourselves. I would also like to thank Mr Chapman for all his hard work with year six, preparing them for the big step up to high school. What a great job he's done. I would like to wish the school every success in the future & with Mr Stammers at the helm & the brilliant staff, I feel sure they can achieve outstanding in the next Ofsted report.

Hayley Dickinson (mum of ben)(a couple of years ago)

Best show Little Hoole have ever put on ! fantastic costumes .brilliant acting ,singing and dancing by the children . Fairy Nasty boots was excellent ! well done to all the children and staff .

Alison Heath(a couple of years ago)

Such talented , confident young stars . A fantastic show directed superbly as always by Mrs H and her team . Well done you were all Awe-some!

Miss Haywood(a couple of years ago)

A MASSIVE well done to everyone for the performances over the last two days! You were all incredible and I feel very proud to have been a part of your school and to have met so many AMAZING young people! :) Congratulations everyone (staff and kids) for a fantastic show! Miss Haywood :)

Jacqueline Lancelotte(a couple of years ago)

What a fantastic performance tonight! Every child was wonderful!!! Congratulations to the team behind the whole thing! It was a very professional show, well put together and it was obvious that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves!! Thank you. Jacqueline, Peter & Benjamin Lancelotte

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