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On behalf of the staff, pupils, parents and governors, I would like to welcome you Little Hoole Primary School. We pride ourselves on our welcome and we hope that you will soon feel part of our friendly and caring school.


Situated just south of Preston and serving the local area of Walmer Bridge, Little Hoole and Much Hoole, we are very proud of our school and of the close links established within our local community over the years. Generations of children have left Little Hoole Primary with a love of learning and are well prepared for high school. Both academic and personal success is valued and this is shown in our drive to let children shine in all areas of the curriculum and the activities they do beyond school.


We have an excellent, hardworking, caring and dedicated staff whose core beliefs centre on providing a happy, safe, secure and supportive learning environment where children work hard and behave well so that they may achieve academic and personal excellence.


Our parents are very supportive, helping us with many activities within school. They accompany our trips and our PTA raise much needed funds so that we can continue to deliver the very best that your child needs.


We hope you enjoy looking at our new website. We are constantly updating it and developing it further. We hope that it gives you a good picture of what our school is like, however nothing beats the face to face approach so if you would like to see us please don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a meeting.

Many thanks

Daniel Stammers


HT Blog 2017/18


admin on: HT Blog 2017/18

New children, a mile a day, lego houses, an Anglo Saxon experience, some workmen and two fire engines! These are all things that have shaped our first half term in school. It's been a wonderful start to the new school year, we're already seeing some super work, lots of effort and everyone seems to be getting down and getting stuck in. 

Our new Reception children didn't take too long to settle in to the routines of our school. They've been joining the rest of the school in assemblies, and are enjoying working hard in the lessons and playing with their Big friends at playtime. Year 4 met up with their friends at Penwortham Primary for a Lego building morning as part of their 'Sparks Might Fly' topic and ended up lighting up their newly built city. Year 5 travelled back in time on their way to Martin Mere and discovered an Anglo Saxon village and some very unusual looking people who taught them how to build their houses, weave and whittle. 

We're delighted to have welcomed Mr. Paul Cookson, friend, former pupil....oh and amazing poet and creative writing motivator back to our school this term. He re-wrote one of his poems with one of our classes and they performed it to me on my special birthday! Sadly for me it also involved a costume of the Elvis variety. I much preferred the poem!  

Year 6 have already completed their Bikeability course and have now learnt how to ride on our local roads safely. It's up to them now keep it up. We're hoping that Year 5 children will get the chance to do this too before the end of the year.

Years 3 and 4 put on a wonderful Harvest assembly for us all. There are so many excellent performers in these classes - and some very funny ones too!  We collected lots of food items which have now been taken to the local food banks and we've spent time thinking about others through some of our assembly themes this term. 

Our sporting year has started well too. We had lots of children keen to join our football, High 5s netball and multi skills clubs. Our footballers have started really well in their league, the Gunners winning all four of their matches so far and Athletic winning two out of their four. A huge improvement on last year as Athletic struggled to win any games last year! Our High 5ers have to wait a bit longer for their first opportunity to represent the school but the squad working with Mrs. Twist and Miss. Houghton are coming along nicely and we are sure they will have a great year. My thanks to Mrs. Twist, Miss Houghton, Mrs. Morris and Ray and his team for running these clubs so well. 

Our new footpath is being well used with lots of budding runners developing nicely. Paid for using PTA money and Sports Premium money, most classes are getting out each day for their extra exercise and wellbeing. It's been good for the staff too some of whom have been out for a sneaky run at lunchtimes too! 

All of these events and activities have been happening despite their being a bit of upheaval in the school. As you know we are having some work done to improve our heating system. Despite an impromptu visit from two fire engines to extinguish a fire in a generator, the work is going well, most of which is happening in the evenings and is due for completion in December. 

So what's next? Well, we're looking forward to a thoughtful Remembrance assembly from Yr 2 in November. Our infants will be working on and performing their Nativities this Christmas. We've got fitness days, more days out, more visitors in and hopefully no more fire engines! 

Don't forget to keep checking your child's class webpage for photos and updates on all the activities and events that are going on throughout the year. We're hoping to go 'mobile' soon with a Mobile App which should keep you connected with everything you need to know. Feel free to leave a comment below. 

Thank you all for your continued support. It's been a great start to the year, long may it continue!