Children’s learning is based on small steps taken daily and weekly. Missing one of these small steps makes learning more difficult for your child.  Absence affects continuity of teaching and learning. Children should be in school unless they are too sick to attend.

It is assumed that medical, dental and hospital appointments will be arranged out of school time. If your child is absent for any reason school must be informed early on the first day of absence by phone with the absence and reasons for it.

The Government requires school to keep detailed records of attendance and reasons for absence for all pupils. Records are kept of individual and school authorised i.e. approved and unauthorised absences. Only school can authorise absences. Illness and appointments are authorised.  Avoidable absences such as shopping trips are unauthorised.

The Local Authority Attendance officer regularly visits school and expects the school to follow up any unresolved absence issues. If attendance continues to be an issue we will have to take individual cases to the governors which may result in fixed penalties or prosecutions. 

Please support us to improve our overall school attendance to overtake the National figure of 96%.


LCC guidance on attendance and fixed penalty notices

LCC guidance on educating your child if they are ill and in hospital

page updated March 2020